The Top 10 Benefits of Using Pure Copper Water Bottle

The Top 10 Benefits of Using Pure Copper Water Bottle

Style and utility never go out of fashion, especially if they are empowered by compelling art. And when this style complements the health and the environment, on the whole, there's just no reason to back away.

Copper Water Bottle

Consider this; the world's zooming forward faster than ever, and so are our health risks — rising consistently with each passing day.

An increase in everyday pollution and population further adds to the ever-present health risks.

In that light, questions like — How are you trying to mitigate it? But seriously, what are you doing about it? Have you thought it through? — become recurring, and understandably so.

To answer it, many (including brands) opt for:

- safer dietary habits, 

- shifting to organic diets, 

- adopting the best filters for air and water.

In all honesty, every effort made towards a healthy life and a safer environment must be welcomed. However, is that usually the case? Nope.

And why's that? 

Mostly because the good things often lackluster when it comes to style and utility. They don't match up with the trends, and people find it challenging to adopt them.

It's more or less like technology; you don't adopt it until you realize that it changes your lifestyle and its appearance for good. 

Peak Life's Copper Water Bottle — A combination of Health and Style

There's one straightforward thing that you can do to lower the risk of health problems and, at the same time, keep up with the trend — use copper water bottles. 

The world of Ayurveda, the Celtic sciences, and the Egyptian records show various metals, when used in the right way, can solve some of the health problems we keep facing every day.

One such metal is copper — pure copper is invaluable and has been used for centuries. It is used both as a medicine and in preparing herbal concoctions/elixirs from time to time. 

Very few of you might have thought how using pure copper bottles could be a far simpler alternative to the constant tiff we are with nature every day. But that's true.

Here are some copper water bottle benefits to help you realize the importance of replacing plastic with them.

Benefits of using copper bottles

Copper is a trace element, and it plays a crucial role in strengthening our body's immune system. Storing water in a pure copper container overnight and having it the first thing in the morning is the best intake way. 

However, you could make use of a copper water bottle and perhaps in a much better way by storing and sipping water from it regularly.

Benefits of Consuming Copper Water — Backed by Scientific Research

1. A Myriad of Advantages

According to a study published in 2011, copper can help in 

  • Regulating the blood pressure, 

  • Healing the connective tissues

  • Increasing myelination in the brain

  • Aiding in blood coagulation, and 

  • Creating a resistance against oxidative damage of tissues, amongst others.

Copper Bottle for Drinking

2. It's Antibacterial in Nature

 Studies indicate using copper bottles to sterilize or purify water could benefit all those one billion people who don't even have access to safe drinking water. Fascinating, isn't it?

Think this way — What all can be constituted in contaminated water? Well, a pool of pathogens and that, too, the most harmful ones — Vibrio cholera, Escherichia coli, Salmonella typhimurium, and Shigella, to name a few.

It has been observed that merely boiling water or storing water in copper water bottles can eliminate almost all of the aforementioned bacteria.

3. It Fights Off Cancer

Copper water bottles generate free copper radicals that act as antioxidants. They can prevent oxidative damage and can destroy free radicals in the body, thus preventing cancer formation. Copper, in general, is known to be a viable intervention to fight off cancer when integrated with the DNA.

4. Prevents High Blood Pressure

Copper can decrease cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the body. So drinking water from copper bottles can not only keep your blood pressure regular but can also protect you from heart-related disorders.

5. Copper Functions Well for the Thyroid Gland

Copper water benefits against thyroid-related disorders very well. It facilitates the thyroid gland's normal functioning and prevents conditions like hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism.

6. Copper Water Can Cure Anemia

Did you know copper assists in the formation of hemoglobin? So, every time the doctor tells you about anemia, do not assume you suffer from iron deficiency. It could be that you're instead deficient in copper.

All in all, drinking water from copper bottles can bring relief to this issue.

Additionally, copper is also required in oxygen transport through your arteries — a lack of oxygen supply in different parts of the body could also indicate a lack of copper.

7. Aids Digestion

Copper supports peristalsis (rhythmic contraction and expansion of the lining of the stomach), thus aiding the digestion process. To that end, copper can be an excellent remedy for stomach ulcers, infections, hyperacidity, and indigestion issues.

8. Helps as an Anti-ageing Agent

Copper molecules act as anti-aging agents. Their antioxidant nature can increase the cell regeneration process and regenerate collagen and elastin rapidly, thus, strengthening the skin. Besides, copper helps in quicker regeneration of hyaluronic acid — the reason behind the youthful, plump look of younger individuals.

9. Wound healing becomes Faster

Copper can assist in the wound healing mechanism of the body. Studies show that copper can increase surface elasticity and stimulate angiogenesis (the process in which new blood vessels generate from the old ones).

10. It further keeps the Infections at Bay

Drinking water in the morning from a copper bottle is recommended. Copper acts as nature's antibiotic and facilitates the reduction of frequent complaints of cough and diarrheal diseases.

To hand in a concrete perspective, you must know that the World Health Organization (WHO) also approves the copper intake and even defines the safest and the healthiest intake level at 0.47 mg per day. 

So, be assured that drinking water from a copper bottle will not harm your body in any way, and neither will its level exceed in your body ever.

You very well know that health is the greatest of all wealth you can ever have. So, decide for yourself and make this tiny change in your life for significant permanent gains.





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