Stay Hydrated with the New Age Copper Water Bottles for the Health Enthusiasts

Stay Hydrated with the New Age Copper Water Bottles for the Health Enthusiasts

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Back in the day, copper used to be the go-to metal for vessels and bottles, in particular. The regal reddish gloss and the subsequent reflections made for an elegant kitchen.

However, the times changed, and copper metal was replaced with presumably 'more ergonomic' products. It took decades to realize that these substitutes did more harm than good. 

Well, you are free to put all the blame on plastic, and understandably so. Yes, it's cheap, it's lightweight, it has choices but, at the same time, it's harmful to the environment and your health — and you know that. 

In other words, it's time that we embraced the old ways and not only due to the shortcomings of the modern substitutes but also because copper water bottles are, indeed, fantastic.

What's with the "New Age" Copper Water Bottles?

In all honesty, copper vessels never went out of fashion — as far as their elegance was concerned. It was just that people started looking at them as antiques instead of daily-use dishes.

Copper water bottles found a new home in the name of flower pots, and while the metal's brilliance was all up for appreciation, that isn't the best way to use these vessels in 2021. 

Well, why keep them in a single position for their whole life when you can, instead, savor their elegance and relish their utility daily without getting them all-wound-up. 

And that's "New Age."

Copper Water Bottles are now available in a variety of forms — from hammered to sleek tower and diamond cut to sports curve. Simply put, they cater to all the style needs alongside facilitating the essence of an oriental touch. 

Check this out - Copper Water Bottles are now available in beautiful Mandala prints. Mandala prints source from Hinduism and Buddhism and are circular designs that are known to lower stress, ease depression, and even boost the immune system. 

Hammered Copper Water Bottles and their Minimalist Design

When minimalist is the trend, why shy away from making it a regularity in the copper water bottle industry? That's something that hammered copper bottles address with their modish design reflecting upon the skill and proficiency of experienced artisans. 

What's even better is that they can be bought with and without gloss. Both the options equally add to the style and constitute no age barrier. That's right; everyone from the kid in the house to the oldest adult can use these — these bottles are particularly beneficial to health.

Mandala Copper Water Bottles and the Special Benefit

While it might look like other medieval designs, never mistake Mandala to be a casual artwork (because it's not). It is often regarded as a gateway to the reduction in tension and anxiety. Although these benefits are mostly felt when an individual explicitly engages in Mandala art, the viewers, too, benefit as the circular artform relaxes the brain. 

If you're a health enthusiast who also looks up to historic artforms, there is nothing better than purchasing a mandala print copper bottle.

Diamond Copper Water Bottles and the Style Statement

Let's move one step ahead — that's precisely what a diamond-cut copper bottle whispers every now and then, thanks to its minimalist style, super-accurate hammering, voguish design, and an unmatched gloss. 

These bottles literally make up for every situation. Be it your backpack or gym sessions, these bottles are ideal for use anywhere and everywhere. They further complement the health, thus, making for ideal vessels for daily use. 

What about your Health? Are Copper Water Bottles Safe?

There's an age-old belief that copper vessels are toxic. Honestly, they can be if they aren't coated with tin. But that's something that has already been known to mankind. The process of Kalai, which involves the coating of tin over copper and brass for preventing oxidization has been practiced since the medieval period.

Obviously, copper vessels are never launched in the market without a coating for mitigating any possibility of reactions. It's that several myths revolve around the use of copper, which has no factual platform whatsoever.

When it comes to your health, copper water bottles are as safe as any vessel can be. Not only does copper water offers immense health benefits, but it also helps keep the bacteria and viruses away. Several studies reflect upon its anti-bacterial nature.  

To put this into perspective, you must know that the United States Environmental Protection Agency has previously registered copper as the metal that can be leveraged for its bacteria and virus-killing capability. 

The Ayurvedic Perspective (You CANNOT OVERLOOK this)


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The oldest and the most profound medical science also speaks in favor of the use of copper water bottles. The analysis of the ancient Ayurvedic text reveals that storing water in copper vessels can help purify it.

These texts also reflect upon the concept of tamra jal or therapeutic water, which bears association to its storage in copper vessels.

A recent article published in the reputed newspaper Times of India also suggests using copper water bottles, for they are complemented by Ayurvedic science for their ability to counter micro-organisms and help sustain the pH level of the body.

All such scholar backing makes the use of copper water bottles a win-win for you and your family, and rightly so. 

This is What We Want for You

To be honest, there's is nothing better than a healthy life. No doubt, style is important but not more than health. That's precisely why our bottles are complemented by ayurvedic health benefits. These further add to a healthy lifestyle. Read more on the benefits here . What's even better is that they are stylish, which makes them an ideal companion for your gym and running sessions, trips, and daily-use. 

You can even gift them on occasions, including Thanksgiving and Christmas. After all, what's better than a seamless integration of the brilliant art of the medieval era and the ergonomic designs of the contemporary world. 

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